Wotter Launches Female Empowerment Swim Gear Line



Raleigh, North Carolina – November 30, 2017:  Wotter, LLC, announces the launch of the Wotter Swim Parka, the first-ever swim parka specifically designed for female competitive swimmers.  The launch is now live on Kickstarter.com.

Wotter cofounder Niki Vilas Boas, a high school sophomore and competitive swimmer explains that, “Currently, girls are twice as likely as boys to leave the sport of swimming by the time they graduate high school. As swimmers, we believe some of this stems from the vulnerable nature of swimming.  There is a failure to validate girls with gear that makes them feel confident AND comfortable on deck and in the water.  If we can offer that, we can have a real impact.”  Swim teammate and fellow Cofounder, Becca Segal, added “Today, only 1 in four competitive swim coaches are female.  This is a major problem because young women aren’t seeing enough role models like them on deck. We are passionate about building a brand that gives female swimmers a platform where they can celebrate themselves and each other! We know that if we can give girls like us that voice, we’ll keep more girls in the sport for a lifetime.”  Both girls recognize how instrumental the sport of swim has been in their own development and want to foster that for other girl swimmers.  They believe it starts by changing the unisex (aka made for boys) design standard for the universally used swim parka and building a line of gear that reinforces girl empowerment and individual expression.

The Kickstarter campaign, which went live today, will allow backers to preorder the company’s swim parka in varying quantities as well as simply donate to the girl’s mission.  The Wotter Swim Parka offers never before available features that accommodate the female physique and psyche including an oversized hood for ponytails and top knots, female styling, enlarged zipper pulls and quick “wrap and snap” storage.

 Both of the girls launched their swim careers at North Carolina’s Triangle Aquatic Center (TAC) and attend high school at Cary Academy, an institution committed to nurturing next generation innovators.

 Wotter, LLC is a woman owned swim gear manufacturer located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.  The company creates and markets female forward competitive swim gear that is designed BY girl swimmers FOR girl swimmers.  Wotter seeks to inspire lifelong connection to the sport of swim for girls, raise awareness of the need for more female swim coaches and foster female youth entrepreneurship.

The swim parka is a garment used by nearly all swim athletes to offer out-of-pool cover up and warmth.  The swim parka has historically been exclusively available in unisex design.

Katherine Cooley

Wotter, LLC