About Us


Because at the heart of every team, there is a set of truly extraordinary individuals... 

Wotter's mission is to create innovative, tech-crafted athletic swim gear for the performance-driven indy swimmer.  From upstart backstrokers to cold hard champions we are passionate about designing innovative products that make the independent swimmer's experience bolder, faster, and inked with unique style.

Ultimately, our vision is much greater than our product line. We practice our craft in order to create a force for good in the world; giving our all in everything we do. We take pride in fostering deep connections in the independent athlete community, inspiring - and, moreover, being inspired by - those we design for.




Our founding philosophy is to defy convention, cut a new path and win against all odds.  This means we embue Wotter products with unique lines, sleek functionality, considered details, unexpected materials and style forward design.  We believe you deserve the best in both form and function and we know we provide it in a way no status quo athletic swim brand can.  So, don't wait, Get in. 


We love our planet and we believe it is our responsibility to keep it healthy. We strive to maintain a small footprint and believe the best way to keep things out of the landfill is to design them well and make them durable.  We use sustainably sourced materials whenever possible and make our products locally by fairly compensated craftspeople.


The Wotter team is made up of North Carolina transplants, opposed to HB2, who believe that indeed, anything is possible.  We aren't afraid to break tradition or defy convention.  We are individuals who obsess over high performance gear and love well crafted goods that reflect our Individual style.