Today Is Going to Be Great

It is 6:22am in Los Angeles. We are nestled in a boutique hotel in Burbank very close to the Universal Studios Lot. As I sit in the lobby having a coffee, I can overhear a very eloquent gentleman who sounds like an entertainment attorney talking on his cell phone to what I imagine is his celebrity client about the terms of his contract. Next to me is another man who is too striking and physically imposing not to be an actor, so I imagine he is famous and I am just too mom-ish to realize who he is.

This is the closest any of us, Niki, Becca and I, have ever come to the inner workings of Hollywood. We are wide eyed. In a little while we will hail an Uber and make our way to SirReel Studios where Niki and Becca will make their Wotter pitch to a panel of four investors — they have just 60 seconds… in an Elevator. If they are compelling (they really are!), the investors will invite them up for a five minute negotiation session. The girls will be asking for $100K in exchange for 10% of their company. They will make the appeal on behalf of female swim athletes everywhere. Fingers crossed.

As a mom, I am emotional. Thrilled to be an observer of the girls’ journey and admittedly a little bit sad to see them launch themselves in directions that will take them further away from home. This morning is filled with promise, like a lottery ticket that allows you to imagine a fantastic future. In a few hours we will know the outcome and the fantasy may dissolve. But for now… we imagine that today is going to be great.